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About MOI

Mayor’s Office of Innovation

The Mayor’s Office of Innovation (MOI) advises the Executive Office of the Mayor on a broad range of issues relating to policy development, implementation, and review. The MOI team works hand-in-hand with District agencies to develop evidence-based policies and best practices.

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Research, People-
Centered Solutions &

As part of the Executive Office of the Mayor, MOI works collaboratively across District Government with our intergovernmental partners to offer tools and techniques that are raising the performance of government.


Central to the MOI's policy and innovation work is the two-way dialogue and the lines of communication it maintains with residents across the District, including those of our neighbors who have historically been underrepresented in decision making. Through the inclusion of residents with diverse experiences and outlooks, MOI is better able to work with its intergovernmental partners to develop solutions that can be implemented in communities that lead to measurable impact.

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